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We are Authorized Dealers of V-Guard range of products.
V-Guard solar water heater - Dealer in Bhubaneswar, Odisha
V- Guard Storage Water Heater - Dealer in Bhubaneswar , Odisha 5 Star rated from BEE - Highly energy efficient Long lasting outer body made of high impact resistance rust proof ABS material and sturdy inner tank made of 304 grade high quality stainless steel Penta protection system to ensure safe operations - a) Thermostat, b) Thermal cut off, c) Pressure release valve (PRV), d) Non returning valve (NRV), e) Fusable plug Long life heating element for superior performance and extended durability 5 Years innertank warranty 2 year product warranty
V-Guard AC Stabilizer Dealer in Bhubaneswar Intelligent Time Delay System Working range-130V to 280V- Maximum output up to 240V Compatible with Regular & Inverter ACs Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection Wall Mounting Cabinet Design/ Warranty- 3 Years
Solar Water Heater Dealer Distributor at Bhubaneswar
V- Guard AC Voltage stabilizer – Dealer at Bhubaneswar , Odisha • Intelligent Time Delay System - Gives the compressor proper balancing time during frequent power failures • Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection - Protects connected equipment from potentially dangerous voltages. • Latest IC Technology - Assures reliable protection. • Built-In Thermal Overload Protection - Protects the stabilizer and compressors from high temperature burnout. • Warranty - 3 years.
LED Voltage stabilizer Dealer at Bhubaneswar Application : 1 unit of Television up to 32" + 1 unit of Set top box , Total capacity of 1.3 A ) Working range: 90 - 290 V (ensure appliances functioning under wide voltage spectrum) Specially designed packaging to ensure safe home delivery via e-commerce Warranty- 3 Years
Storage Water Heater Dealer in Bhubaneswar, Odisha Outer cover made of rust proof ABS material and inner tank coated with 0.3cm (3mm) thick EPAC (Engineered Polymer Anti Corrosion) 5star rated from BEE Working pressure-8kg/cm2 - Suitable for multi storied building and pressure pumps High-quality Incoloy 840 Heating element suitable for hard water conditions 7 year warranty on inner tank, 4 year warranty on heating element, and 2 year warranty on the overall product Free installation is provided for this product. Please contact the toll free number 1800-3000-1800, for scheduling the installation after delivery